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Rixington Group Ltd

Rixington Group is an Auckland based company founded in 2003.  The Company is primarily involved in land and property development, although we have diversified into housing construction.

The locations that we have typically operated in are in the former Rodney, North Shore and Waitakere Districts.

All projects undertaken by Rixington follow a set of common principles which entail detailed planning and innovation resulting in high quality development.

As of October 2015 the Company is only active with Matakana sub-divisions, as land cost for development is proving prohibitive.  A couple of smaller acquisitions are currently being considered.

Some representative projects are as follows:

At Gulf Harbour the completion of a 45 lot land and housing development in 2015.

Shows Gulf Harbour development land

Weatherboard house type in Gulf Harbour

Off Kahikatea Flat Rd in Waitoki/ Dairy Flat after a four year battle achieved consent in the Environment Court in 2012 for a regionally significant cleanfill/managed fill facility.     Rixington Kahikatea cleanfill property

Stop the Cleanfill image
Impassioned and well organised opposition who we learnt to like and respect.

Matakana lifestyle block sub-divisions and large block development.
Rixington's Matakana land holding

Craig Beecroft's next development
Stage III subdivision progressing October 2015.

  Rixington Group Ltd - 2003-2015